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A Guide On Moving To Bedford

Are you moving to Bedford? Do you need a removals service to help you move to Bedford? If you said yes to any of these questions, then you should continue reading. Moving from one place to another can be quite a stressful task, especially when you have to move all of your life's belongings. However, it can be quite easy if you hire the right removals company to help you with your move.

The best company to do so is definitely Ark Relocation as they are known to be extremely professional, reliable and are experts in this field. They have lots of highly trained staff as well as modern transport vehicles to ensure that all of your belongings are safely transported from one location to the next. With that said, we will now take a closer look on moving to Bedford as well as the service offered by Ark Relocation. See:


Removals Bedford

One of the great things about living in Bedford is that it has been ranked as the 73rd best place to live in the entire UK. This is a small town that has a lot of history which is also known to be quite safe, thanks to their police commissioner as well as their Mayor, Dave Hodgson. This town offers a lovely laid back lifestyle which is great for raising a family. There are numerous excellent schools which includes lots of private schools as well as two colleges. These colleges are Stella Mann College and Bedford College which provide an excellent level of education.

Another important point to note about Bedford is that it has a very high employment rate as well as a higher disposable income rate in comparison to other towns in the UK. Currently, 79% of the residents in Bedford are employed and 40% are permanently employed. This makes this town a great option for those who are interested in flexible employment hours.

The only potential issue with moving here is that the property prices are a bit higher than average. Rentals and the cost of living is also above average. With that said, the quality of life is extremely high and the residents also have a higher life expectancy age than many other towns and cities in the UK.

Now, once you're ready to move to Bedford, Ark Relocation offers a wide range of services which includes both domestic and international removals. They provide all of the usual moving services as well as specialised services according to your needs. One particular specialised service is the removal of antique items that require special handling and care. They even offer piano moving services, which is certainly important if you want your piano to be safely moved to Bedford. In addition to moving services, they also offer packing services as well as a couple of different storage options. If there are a couple of things that need to be done at your current or future home, then they even have a handyman service which can help you to get these tasks done.

In summary, if you're planning a move to Bedford, then be sure to consider hiring Ark Relocation removal services. You can check out their website, for more details as well as contact information.